Response to a reapplication acceptance justification

Over 10 years ago, my application of a secret level clearance was denied because I did not respond to a SOR. I then wrote a letter to DOHA to explain that my non-response to the SOR was because my employer submitted a DISCO Form 562 to terminate the need of my security clearance. DOHA replied the letter and changed my status from Default to Termination.

This year, my current employer submitted a new application for my secret clearance. Recently I received a letter from PSMO-I stated that my reapplication will need to be reviewed by DOHA because of the previous deny. I was asked to provide DOHA with sufficient information to justify the acceptance of the reapplication request.

Question: In the reply, do I just need to explain that the previous deny was due to the administrative termination, or I need to make a full response to the 10+ years old SOR?

Thanks for your replies.