Reviewing a Copy of Your Background Investigation

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Now that your background investigation was completed by OPM and favorably adjudicated by the DOD CAF, DSS, or another Federal agency, you can start work and forget about it until your next periodic update, right? Wrong! I always recommend requesting a copy of your completed background investigation so you have a reference for when and…

My periodic update was completed some time ago, but has not yet been adjudicated. Can I still get this level of information by contacting OPM?

@Marko my investigation was closed recently if I request a copy of my investigation would it affect my investigation?

No, it does not affect adjudication. However, if a recently closed investigation has not yet been adjudicated and a FOIA request by the subject is submitted, OPM will send notification to the agency that requested it as an FYI.


Interesting. My investigation recently closed as well. Would the requesting agency look unfavorablly on a subject requesting a copy of their investigation before it’s adjudicated?

No, that is not a consideration in any decision.