Section 17 (married/divorced)


I was trying to figure out what to check in this box.

It says select your current marital status. I am currently married but have divorced twice (2009 and 2015).

I am currently married… to me it seems that is what you would check, but I don’t know. Seems like it should check all that apply. I’ve always heard don’t lie and don’t volunteer too much info.

But on my first wife, I don’t know what city she was born in, or any contact info- all I can list is her name tbh.
Before I leave my current secure job for this one that requires a clearance I want to mitigate any issues before I find myself without a job…

List your current wife. You will be asked if you have any previous marriages. You keep entering the divorces until you tell the program “no”.

Try to get the information. The birthdate and birthplace for the ex might be on the marriage license. The birthdate is normally on the divorce decree. Google the information, ask their parents, just give it your best shot.

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So many people try to “I don’t know” their way through the questionnaire. Not gonna slide.

If you want the chance to get “cleared” fill the questionnaire out with COMPLETE information.

It’s not the investigator’s job to find that for you. Nor the security specialist’s, or HR.

Okay- so from the answer if I am filling out the paper copy I would check married and divorced correct?

Next, under last known address and phone number it is actually my address and I do not have her phone number (after 11-12 years). I could get a copy of the divorce paper and see if she has a phone number listed. But is listing my address (her last known) acceptable? Because after the divorce she basically vanished and we no longer had contact. The last I heard is she was moving to A town 3 hours away in December 2009 but I cannot verify and do not know the address.

And finally… are they even really interested in that marriage since it happened over 10-years ago? The divorce papers were cleaner than the divorce. She seemed pretty vindictive after we split. I don’t want her seeing I’m after a clearance and try to tank it (when my new job would depend on it)

The question asks for “last known” address. Not her current address. So, if the last time you saw her was when she was driving a U-Haul away from the residence you shared in Paducah, KY, and you have no idea where she was going, list the Paducah address. If you know she was moving to Saginaw, MI, but you don’t know the street address, list Saginaw, MI and unknown for the street address. If you can reasonably get her current phone number (from her brother you still have contact with, Google search, etc), get it and list it. But don’t do anything unreasonable like hire a private investigator or petition for her to be featured on an episode of Missing Persons.

Lastly, remember that your participation is voluntary. That means you can answer all, none or some of the questions. I have had several people tell me they didn’t want to track down a piece of information- usually something innocuous like the street number or prior last name of a US citizen family member (for example the last name their sister used for two years when they were briefly married in the 1960s). Instead of turning on the bright light, going into interrogation mode and telling them “if you want the clearance, you will get us the info”, I do what I was trained to do— I ask them the reason why they don’t want to provide the info and then move on. Once in a while someone doesn’t want to give up the name of the person who scored them beer in 1989 when they got their MIP or the name of the person who was with them when they tried weed in high school, but it’s usually details about family members. Never worked in adjudication but I can’t believe any of these would be show stoppers.

I would recommend trying to get the information from anyone you have contact with who might know. I had to call my first husband to get information, even though I would have rather not (he was quite nice about it all). I also first reached out to a sister with whom I had contact for information on someone else with whom I really didn’t want to contact personally.