Section 22:Does a DA reject need to be reported

I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not I need to report a DA reject on section 22.2. I had a detention only and I was never charged on a misdemeanor about 20 years ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know what a ‘DA reject’ is (the district attorney declined to prosecute?) but the guideline I once heard was, if you’ve ever been in the back of a police car, report it.


The questions are to be taken very literally. Last 7 years, arrested, charged or given a citation or ticket to appear in court. EVER arrest or charge involving alcohol or drugs. If your detention involved alcohol or drugs, it needs to be listed. The charges need to be listed regardless of the outcome.


DA=Domestic Assault. I am typing this to meet 20 char.

I didn’t know what the DA reference was either. That changes my answer. There is an ever question asking if you have ever been “convicted” of a crime involving domestic violence. You can legitimately answer no to this if it was only a charge, but it may serve you well to explain you were charged and dropped(if that is what happened). If you were charged with a felony offense, you have to report that.

There will probably be a record of this somewhere and an investigator will probably be able to dig it up and if the investigator finds it and you didn’t disclose it, that’s going to be a question. It will become a point that needs to be dug into. On the other hand if you disclose it and they find it and you talk about it during the interview, it will probably be resolved right then and there.

In other words, disclosing it may help move your case along a little more quickly.

Question on the SF-86 asks if you have ever been charged with a felony offense.


As I have said numerous times . . . These are not trick questions. Answer the question asked. If you weren’t charged and they discover the issue, you didn’t report it because there was never a charge. Yes, you will have to talk about it but it shouldn’t present an issue beyond that.

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I understand what to do. Thanks to all for your assistance