Alcohol Use SF 86

I received a criminal complaint for minor in possession 4 years ago. Never charged, summoned, issued a citation, etc.Just had to complete 10 hours community service. Do I need to report this? I know section 24a asks about “use of alcohol” and “intervention with law enforcement” but I’m not sure if possession falls under this category especially since no charges came from this incident. I thought this section was referring to drinking only (DUI, consumption, public intoxication, etc). Does possession fall under this question? Applying for secret clearance.

Yes, you should list it.

Report it, investigator will ask, tell him what happened, mitigated.

yes, you need to report this.

There is a misconception that criminal complaint is not the same as a criminal charge. Criminal complaint is typically one of several forms of a criminal charge. Unless you received a draft criminal complaint, you were criminally charged. So, this will need to be listed.

Even if you are skeptical about this, I would advise you to err on the side of caution by reporting this because there is a paper trail, let alone a court document linking you to an offense related to alcohol.

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If you received a citation, your were charged.

Report it, put it behind you and make better decisions moving forward.

OP said “never issued”

Someone gave him community service. A person in authority to do just that. You can bet there is a record somewhere stating this occurred. Reporting it is in their long term best interest. Quibbling about it is not.

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