Police Report SF 86 Section 22

About 9.5 years ago Police had given me ticket of disorderly conduct and also was given a city municipal court date. In court the case was dismissed and I was not charged and I did not pay any fine. Do I need to mention about this any where in Section 22? or anywhere in SF86 form ? Please let me know. Thank you very much in advance.

As long as it was not a felony and did not involve alcohol or drugs(in any way), then there is no need to list it.

Or involve domestic violence. Subject’s get “popped” for the police record when the original charge was more severe that the final disposition – and the original charge is not reported.

For example, Reckless or inattentive driving can mean that you were driving too fast for road conditions or traffic and had an accident. These are also the two most common plea bargain charges for DUIs.

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Thank you for your response. The scanned copy of ticket says as " Administrative notice of ordinance violation". I am not sure whether it is considered as an felony or not. It did not involve alcohol or drugs and I have never been involved in alcohol or drugs in my life. Please let me know your thoughts.

It’s not a felony . . . Most people who are charged with felonies know it . . .


Thank you very much for everyone’s time and response.

Municipal court transactions generally don’t even show up in state court or law enforcement records.

You will be surprised if you think municipal court actions don’t show up on the BI radar.