Non criminal court actions

I am a food vendor and I have received tickets for vending too close to a crosswalk, on a restricted street, and etc. I had to go the city environmental control board and pay fines. Most of the fines got dismissed but it’s not really like a real court. You just sit in a small room with a so called judge and the cop or department of health who wrote the ticket is there, just the 3 of us. Is this considered a non criminal civil court case that I have to list on the sf86.

And if so what is the weight this will have on my secret clearance?

They are non-criminal administrative citations that should have no affect on clearance eligibility, and only reported if fines were over $300.

Yes one of them were over $300 it was for $385 does that mean when they check them out that they will see all the other ones for $50 and 100?

Also I do believe they are non public because I know when people do not pay them that the city sends a letter stating the amount owed is now a matter of public record. The way the question is asked on the sf86 is have you been a party to any public record non criminal civil court action. Do I still have to put it you think?

You only have to report/list ones $300 or more. Minor citations are not a concern unless there are many of them in a short period of time and especially if you don;t pay them.