SC form submitted with incorrect information

I have recently submitted an SC form. Re-reading this form, I noted that I have unintentionally provided incorrect information under section 16 and the question:

Have you ever been:
a. convicted or found guilty by a Court (including juvenile courts) of ANY offence in ANY country (excluding parking and speeding, but including all other motoring offences even where a spot fine has been administered by the police)?

From memory, I answered ‘no’ having misunderstood the question - I thought the question specifically related to convictions in court (which hasn’t been the case) and not realising that points on my license should have been included as I have received points on my license in the past. I’ve declared all of these points on a follow up email, but I’m now worried that I won’t pass my SC.

Any thoughts on the likelihood of this being a issue that might prevent me from passing?

Traffic tickets with fines of $300 or more are the only citations you are required to list unless it was a criminal traffic (DWLS). It will have no bearing on your clearance decision.