Section 24 - Use of Alcohol - Negative Impact


I am new to the whole security clearance thing. I started a new job and am required to obtain a clearance. I have some questions and concerns that I am hoping you all could help me with.

In Section 24 of the e-QIP form, it asks about negative impacts of alcohol. I listed 2 previous dismissed offenses I have, although I also listed them in section 22. The question I have now is if I need to list another situation I was in… About 6 years ago, some friends and I had been drinking. Once we decided that we all wanted to cruise around the backroads of our small town, one friend volunteered to drive. We waited a few hours before leaving, so that our friend could have plenty of time to be sober. Not long after we left, my friend passed a car at a high rate of speed, which resulted in a crash and unfortunately his death. The other car was in no way involved in the incident, but the speed at which we passed the other car caused my friend to lose control and crash. Police and paramedics were called. Police investigated the situation and determined to not file any charges or take any further action. Do situations like this need to be listed although I was not the driver, no one was charged and no one was arrested? I assume it does, but I wanted to ask to be sure.


I’m sorry for the loss of a friend, I’m sure that is a traumatic event. I would make sure I informed the BI person of it but with no arrest (you are a passenger) or not being detained I don’t see any aspect requiring reporting.

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