What Counts As Public Safety Personnel?

Filling out my SF86 now, and I have a question about section 24 (Use of Alcohol). The instructions as for any event in the past 7 years wherein alcohol use has had a negative impact on relationships and whatnot, but then adds “or resulted in intervention by law enforcement/public safety personnel.”

Early on in college, I got way too drunk at a party, and I eventually fell and badly cut my chin. Later on, in the taxi home, the people with me decide it might be best to drive to the hospital both because of the level of my intoxication and the head injury that I had sustained. I spent about two hours in the hospital where I received an IV, a scan for my head, and ultimately some stitches.

I discussed this with a relative of mine that is an attorney (not a security clearance attorney, mind you), and she believes that because the incident didn’t involve “public safety personnel” (i.e. no ambulances or police were called) that I shouldn’t put it down. It is possible that one of my references may mention the incident when interviewed, and I am pretty sure that this will come up if they get a hold of my medical records for the investigation.

Do you think that this meets the criteria as something that I should report? And do you think that this may be something that could hurt my chances. The event occurred about 3 years ago when I was 18, and I have since changed a great deal.

To me, that sounds like it is not reportable. They are really asking about police/fire/rescue personnel.

I concur with Ed. Kudos to your friends for taking care of you.