What is considered public safety personnel?


I’m filling out e-QIP for a secret clearance (SF-86), and I was wondering what is considered public safety personnel for the following question:

In the last seven (7) years has your use of alcohol had a negative impact on your work performance, your professional or personal relationships, your finances, or resulted in intervention by law enforcement/public safety personnel?

Do EMS personnel count in this definition? I’m asking because I was taken to the hospital for excessive intoxication in October 2010, and I’m wondering if I need to report this.

I listed the incident on a previous SF-86 form for a contracting company. The company didn’t go forward with submitting the clearance package because the hospitalization occurred so closely to when they planned to file it. Should I have recorded this incident?

Also, there is an archival copy of the form in my e-QIP profile with the incident listed. Should I go ahead an record it again just because of this?

I’m also wondering how this will affect my clearance odds. I didn’t have any incidents prior to the 2010 hospitalization, and I haven’t had any problems since, though I continue to consume alcohol.


It is a no brainer: if you don’t list it (which it is required by the way) then it ill appear as if you are trying to hide which is worse than the issue itself. If, as you say, there have ben no alcohol related incidents since then time has mitigated it.