Question about SF 85P

What is Public Safety in this line: “21.3 In the last seven (7) years, have you illegally used or otherwise been involved with a drug or controlled substance while employed as a law enforcement officer, prosecutor, or courtroom official; or while in a position directly and immediately affecting the public safety other than previously listed?”

what type of jobs are those? thank you

That’s a good question. I do not believe I have ever seen any guidance defining what fits into that category. In my mind I have always kind of figured jobs like first responders, that is completely an assumption though. I am open to hearing other interpretations.

What exactly does the second part mean, i.e. been involved with a drug or controlled substance? If someone is prescribed medication considered a ‘controlled’… such as for sleep, anxiety, etc. - would that feasibly fall under this category?

The key word is illegally. If you are taking the medication as prescribed then you would answer no. If you are misusing the medication and not taking as prescribed or taking someone else’s medication that’s when you would mark yes.


Thank you for the clarification. The lanuage as written “or otherwise been involved with…” left room for interpretation in my mind. That is good to hear that all the follow-on areas arw tied to the preceding term illegal. Much appreciated!