Public trust & prior misdemeanor

Ive currently held a public trust position for 2 years. I have a misdemeanor (DUI that was lowered to reckless driving) which I disclosed on E-QIP form. I recently went through an extensive and exhaustive interview with the agent, at which time I was honest and forthcoming. I understand my case will be adjudicated now. Do I have any hope of keeping my job? What kind of timeframe are we looking at now? Thank you

One DUI is not a disqualifier and if you disclosed as required then it will not impact your ability to get cleared.

Thank you so much! There was a follow up question by the interviewer if I drink anymore and I was very honest and said I have 1 to 2 beers perhaps a week (ie I drink socially). I read on here somewhere that answering that question in any manner indicating you drink alcohol after a DUI will automatically disqualify you. Im scared to death because I answered honestly that I will lose my job.

Nope. That is only when you have a history of alcohol related incidents.

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Thank you very much for this information. Im still nervous and holding my breath, but thank you for the reassurance.

Whoever said that admitted alcohol use after an alcohol incident is an automatic disqualifier is off their rocker. This is absolutely not true and the ability of your alcohol use after a DUI to affect your clearance depends on several mitigating and aggravating circumstances. If you had one instance of alcohol misuse/abuse (i.e. DUI) and no other substantial history of alcohol misuse incidents, then your use after the incident will have little to no bearing on the adjudication.

Obviously, if you are drinking five beers a night, then that could be an aggravating factor, but one to two beers a week is not an issue unless you have gone through treatment several times and vowed to never drink again…

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Thank you very, very much for this reassurance.