5N-Moderate Risk

Hi, I have been employed for over 20 years with my employer and we have background checks every 5 years mine is coming up end of 2023. Well last June 2022 I was arrest for a DUI misdemeanor which I have an attorney and I’m fighting. I can’t find anywhere stating that I must disclose that I was arrested except when the end of the year comes I will have to for my next background check. So question is I’m and Investigative Analyst do I need to inform my employer about the arrest? Secondly will this cause me to lose my job if if does not go away and stays a misdemeanor? Also I have never been in any kind of trouble and my driving record was perfect. Thank you

Yes this is a reportable issue and needs to be reported immediately


Will I lose my job depending on the outcome?

Not reporting it when you were required to do so would probably be a bigger issue…


There is no way to answer your question. Is there a possibility of losing your job? Whenever an arrest is made there is a “possibility” … what is the likelihood? I don’t know, I’ve never had a DWI … is it dependent on the outcome? I would say, probably … guilty doesn’t look good and incarceration makes getting to work more complicated. Not reporting in the timeframe required, not a good look for you either. Telling your job prior to them finding out on their own is definitely a better way to go at this point. Anything you can do to show responsibility.

Possibly, but you WILL lose it if you don’t report it.


Confused. You are cleared for access to classified? Or is it some other form of background check? If you work in the cleared world, and have for 20 years…hard to make the case you didnt know it required reporting. DUI in and of itself does not cause a revocation of clearance. Continued behavior like this and bad decisions to not report…are scored higher. I would report immediately if you work cleared.


From what I see, Grace is in a public trust moderate risk position. There are no reporting requirements for public trust positions at this time.

Correct I can not find anything anywhere stating I have to report the incident except when the time comes for my next background check. I am not a Special Agent I am an Investigative Analyst. If someone knows where it states that I must report this to my employer could you tell me where? I have never been arrested prior nor do I have a history of drinking. I have an attorney fighting it because I believe medications may have caused the incorrect reading on the breathalyzer. I carried on a complete conversation recorded in evidence no slurring no staggering and talked about former police chiefs north end of town shopping centers etc. I was pulled over for no tail lights and was driving someone else’s long bed extended cab truck because they were intoxicated. Parked perfectly didn’t hit curb nothing. Praying it goes away, but just want to know where it states I must report before I disclose this. Thank you

Arrest itself will always be there, even if charge goes away.

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First, you will have to admit it happened. What you do after that is what is important. It seems you are trying to find ways to not report it until you have an upcoming background investigation. I have seen people report such an event, doesn’t matter if they have representation, show up in court, make your plea, and then follow through with the requirements of the court if found guilty. When you are interviewed for your BI truthfully answer all the questions about your consumption and any issues in the past.

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