Security Clearance - Foreign Nationals/DACA

I plan to apply for several internships which require a security clearance and I know that part of the SF86 requires you to disclose any contact with foreign nationals. I have friends in the DACA program whom I have contact with once every 3-4 months. Would this qualify as close, continuing contact and are DACA members considered foreign nationals?

You’re overthinking it. It’s up to you as to what is considered a FNRA.

DACA members are definitely foreign nationals. Anyone who does not hold a US citizenship is considered a foreign national. By your characterization of these individuals being “friends” and you having contact every 3-4 months, I would certainly list them.

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I agree 100% with northstar.

It should be noted that the foreign contact question is one of those “have you EVER” questions. For my most recent SF-86 for the IC (completed Jan 2020), I listed someone who I hadn’t spoken to in 3-4 years and cut off all contact for good (phone and social media) in August 2018. I didn’t want to risk not reporting her and then having it come back to bite me later.