Security clearance issue

Hello !
Need help please i applied for security clearance 2016 i did interview and CI i deployed to Iraq ( linguist) case closed 6 months later (pending adjudication) 2017 resign back home . 2018 got new offer new company they toke over my case i did another CI screening but my case still ( pending adjudication) contact my Fso many time no luck contact my locals senator ! On August 2019 the asked me for another CI Screening and idid the issue is still waiting for may clearance. ?? Any one have gone throw this before please ! Need help or some body tel me what is going on. I have no felony . Or criminal issue or bad credit history no drugs.

The issues I have seen with contract linguist Subjects are foreign. Foreign associations, foreign relatives, foreign assets, unlisted foreign association (personal/family), etc are all a concern. Too often these Subjects try to downplay the foreign issues which is a red flag to the system. I had one Subject try to tell me he had no contact with his father who was a high ranking officer in a foreign military - meanwhile his father, according to the Subject’s spouse, bought the house the Subject lived in and the Subject was paying rent to his father.

This is an example why contract linguist background investigations normally take so long.

Thanks sir!
I wish they tell me whats going on last Ci 5 months Ago i asked the officer who interviewed me is there is any missing informations or issue need to be cleared ? his respond nothing crazy to worry about its been like 4 years now and i am still up in the air no one contact me or asking me more info … hopefully will get answer soon.

CI Screening has nothing with your clearance investigation. It is part of the contract requirements for Linguists. The clearance process is different and is conducted by DoD, as opposed to the CI Screening which is conducted by the IC agency in Maryland. I wouldn’t use it as a timeline reference.

Help please what should i do now???