Investigations help

Hello !
Need help please i applied for security clearance 2016 i did interview and CI i deployed to Iraq ( linguist) case closed 6 months later (pending adjudication) 2017 resign back home . 2018 got new offer new company they toke over my case i did another CI screening but my case still ( pending adjudication) contact my Fso many time no luck contact my locals senator ! On August 2019 the asked me for another CI Screening and idid the issue is still waiting for may clearance. ?? Any one have gone throw this before please ! Need help or some body tel me what is going on. I have no felony . Or criminal issue or bad credit history no drugs.

Poor grammar . . . misspellings . . . This has many of the markings of not being a real post . . .


Especially considering that they claim to be a linguist.


Thanks for your help and replay!