TS granted on 03/31/2016, but I deployed as CAT I

I got my clearance TS granted on 03/312016, after 22 months I deployed as CAT I.

Is there someone can assist me to know what is my current status now?

I assume you are a CAT I linguist? Does your employer have a security manager? They should at least be able to confirm the clearance but they have no control if you deploy as a 1, 2, or 3. Maybe deploying as a Cat 1 saves them money.

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You are CAT III. I dont know why you are going as a CAT I but based on your clearance your position should be CAT III. I am going as a CAT I cause I dont have clearance right now.

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Or I think you did not work in 2 years as a linguist and your clearance is expired. That might be the reason too.

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Dear Khan, thank you for your reply, but I deployed overseas before the 2 years finished in two months.

In this way, it didn’t expire, right?

Thank you for your prompt reply. Yes, I am linguist, unfortunately they didn’t tell me anything, I do agree with you it may be for the money, but I’m very skillful person who can serve in better way.

My last two years were also overseas with United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

I got four excellent performance assessments from Senior Administration.

I’ll keep following up with my agency to figure out what’s going on.


Then I think your project was finished before your clearance was expired and your company did not sponsor you for periodic investigation.

You were working with UN in these two years and clearance was not active then that might be the reason too.

Now I see what you’re saying @khan007 I misread the original post… did not see that the clearance was granted two years ago.

Yes Sir, I think his clearance is expired last month as he stated that he was granted clearance on 03/312016 and he did not work with any USG Agency.

Yes. But it didn’t expire as well, because it granted on 03/31/2016, and I joined UNHCR on 04/16/2016. Because no one told me about it.

Then in Feb 2018, I deployed overseas, so based on the foregoing, since the date I got my TS clearance on 03/31/2016, and when I deployed on Feb 2018, the two expiration years didn’t finish and I deployed.

Am I right?

I didn’t work because I no one notified me.

If you started work before your clearance was expired then it was your responsibility to let them know that you had a clearance but I dont know if you can reactivate your old clearance now. Did you submit a newly SF-86?

Yes. I did that, but how I can be responsible about something I do not know?

Nothing can be done from this point now in my opinion but you can ask around. Now you just have to wait like the rest of us.