Clarity Regarding Status of My Clearance?

I obtained a TS back in November 2012, which a new company picked up when I joined them in 2016. I was always under the impression that my TS had expired after September 2017, since I did not have any subsequent RI. My company started layoffs this past November and I was told I was at risk. In preparation for possible separation, I inquired with my company FSO about dates related to my TS. I wanted to have this information for job search activities. I was surprised when she told me “you still have a TS” She told that the “favorable determination” was made on 11/20/2012, and that as long as my clearance is picked up by another organization before 11/20/2022, I am all set. She indicated that I was enrolled in the CE program 11/9/2015.

This is confusing to me. What’s more confusing is in mid-2019 I had a public trust background invest for my position. I think it was the same one I had when I had when I joined the company in 2016 and was assigned to work on the contract. I was told by my company FSO that the public trust was conducted by the agency’s Personnel Security Office, which doesn’t always leverage existing OPM or DoD clearance information.

I would like to know how I should disclose my clearance status for perspective jobs. Do I actually still have a valid TS? I can’t image it’s considered “active” since I am not working in a capacity requiring TS. Is it considered “inactive” or “expired”. What does the date “1/20/2022” really mean? I want to make sure I am disclosing accurately. I also don’t want to waste time looking at TS jobs, when I may not qualify. A colleague said I should indicate I have TS and that I am enrolled in the CE program. I’m not sure if that is a correct approach?

Appreciate the feedback/clarity.

This is a very interesting and timely post because it addresses the impact of CE on people in your situation.

I don’t have any answers for you but I take issue with two things your (former?) FSO told you: one, it is not the “favorable determination” date which is important but the date of the investigation; two, the TS reinvestigation needs to happen after five years, whereas a Secret is good for ten years. Note that these two statements do not address the impact of CE. As for the comment about the Public Trust I’d say this is also incorrect and further evidence that this FSO may not have been at the top of their game.

Another point relates to a memo from the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence dated 7 December 2016 which includes the statement “Personnel Security Clearances (PCLs) do not expire.” That USD(I) memo was referring to people who had an active clearance even though their last investigation had gone out of scope. If you are still employed then your clearance should still be valid according to that memo.