Security clearance lawyer suggestion

Giving my 2 cents on selection of attorney to retain your security clearance… the majority of the lawyers will post there recent success cases, and some might be pretty impressive. 2 of the larger attorneys that I’ve came accross are bigley and edmunds. What’s equally important in my mind though is to consider there track record as a whole(wins and losses), and they clearly aren’t going to post failed security clearance decisions. A quick Google search will show you case details for a given lawyer. If you were to Google-

“Alan v. Edmunds” iscr case no
“Sean m. Bigley” iscr case no

The Google search will result in a more accurate track record of the lawyers. It’s important to complete research on a lawyer given the severity of the implication of the case as well as the monetary cost. There are other indicators to consider when selecting a lawyer, but the more info you have the better.

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The trouble with looking at the track record of an attorney is that it ignores the merits of the cases they worked. Some people aren’t going to gain or maintain their clearance no matter who they hire. Those people still retain attorneys. It’s more important to honestly assess your personal case and review similar cases to see how they were finally adjudicated.

As for finding the right lawyer . . . Look for experience and their assessment of your case. Former JAG or other government experience is very helpful.


Right, I get that… Each case needs to be considered on its own merits… but if you were to look at case ISCR Case No. 15-03919… it’s financial related and details debts and whatnot and was favorably adjuncated. If I had a similar financial related issue and was in the market for a security clearance lawyer it would provide reassurance on my selection for a lawyer. Likewise, if i had a similar issue and it was unfavorably adjuncated it be a red flag for me… just another thing to consider with lawyer among other things… experience, reviews and what not…

I agree with Ed. Hiring a lawyer isn’t like hiring a doctor. Yes you want a guy to work on your clogged heart artery with lots of clogged heart artery experience. That helps confidence level. But the variables in each legal case makes the dynamics different for each one IMHO. If you read the known mitigations, and know in your heart you meet them…you will have an understanding if you have a good chance. But it requires brutal honesty with yourself.

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Sean M. Bigley retired last year. Anyone purporting to be him online is fraudulent.