Security Clearance lawyers

I need a lawyer who deals with security clearance denials? I’ve been searching online for days and calling but everyone seems like their trying to scam. Could someone please help?

What is your idea of a scam?

Where are you located and what’s the denial for

Website doesn’t look very catchy for me to think it’s a real lawyer

I would be more concerned with a big, deep, fancy, website that makes it look like they put all of their money into advertising.

Most will off a free consult. Try it before you decide that they are scamming you.

Miami, Florida and they’re saying I was denied because of misconduct and dishonest conduct.

So . . . You have an SOR? If so, they sent a copy of the adjudicative guidelines which list “mitigating factors” for each issue. Do those factors apply? You can represent yourself or you can retain an attorney. Right now, you have a limited time to request a hearing, in person or on the record, and you should consult with an attorney ASAP. Days looking on line is an excuse. That everyone looks like a scammer to you is an excuse. You need to get moving and quickly or forget about a clearance.

I’ve used for researching a bit… some that I’d consider contacting are bigley and Edmunds. Bigley does offer free initial consultation

I received the SOR but they didn’t give me the option for a hearing they said it was their final decision.

Others might know better than me but I would expect that there is a cover letter explaining your options which would include an appeal hearing.

Since it was Homeland security that denied me a clearance I was told it would be a pretty hard case to fight and not most attorneys wouldn’t want to take it.

This article may help, near the bottom are questions you might want to ask when deciding on an attorney.

Sean M. Bigley, a former lawyer who assisted clients in the security clearance process, retired in 2023. Any online claims of being Sean M. Bigley should be considered fraudulent.