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Can anyone recommend an attorney with lots of experience and a great track record of successful SOR responses/appeals with the most difficult Intel Agencies. My TS/SCI clearance has been suspended during a poly adjudication step and I’m waiting for the SOR (PS -it’s been 35 days and my FSO tells me the govt must respond by 45 days! Is this really true?). I contacted 1 agency I found online and they told me they do DOD and others but stated 2 agencies they never do because they are too hard to deal with and take too long to respond. Of course the agency I’ve been cleared by is one of those. OH no. Now I’m freaking out that I’m just stuck.



I don’t have a recommendation for an attorney but I have been waiting for my response of my SOR since December 2017. All stems from finances.

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Thanks. My FSO says the govt has 45 days to provide the SOR after suspending a clearance. But I have not seen that policy mentioned anywhere. I’ve looked at Ex Orders: 13467 and 12968, the latest White House guidance on clearances. Nothing there about this. Anyone know anything?

You responded to your SOR in December? Did you request a hearing in person or in writing?


I responded back in October 2017, DOD CAF wanted proof in December 2017 so I responded back with positive proof to that I’m making payments on it. Ever since December it’s been quiet. Will my FSO let me know I do not have a work email set up since my clearance has not gone through yet but this fso also works full time doing their main job and added on as an additional duty. So getting a hold of this FSO is hard.

This was all by in writing

Then you were not responding to an SOR in December . . . If you had a hearing, I expect that you will be contacted directly by mail.

Try Sheldon Cohen or Mark Zaid. Both have many years of experience and both are in the Washington, DC area. Cohen is older and has been doing this type of work longer. There is no time requirement for an agency to issue an SOR.

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Try Sean Bigley. Good success rate.

Bigley retired from the practice of law in 2023, after a decade representing clients in the security clearance process. Anyone purporting to be him online is fraudulent.