Working through SOR

Hi Guys! I got an SOR, I answered with mitigation and sent back in Feb along with a request for an inperson hearing. Today I receive a package directly with all my investigation material and a letter from the attorney assigned to my case from DOD. In the letter it says if I have mitigation for the concerns (and other info not asked in the SOR ) to send to him and he would send me the hearing date if his concerns are not mitigated. I answered the SOR thoroughly and included supporting documents and references, so I’m confused by the request. I contacted him as he requested and stated I gave him everything, but if something is of concern I could track it down, all he said was thank you for the confirmation.

A) is the letter just a boiler plate letter?

B) was the response not read before he sent me the package?

C) if i addressed all the issues in the SOR? why are other things bought up in his material he plans to present (ex. bankruptcies from 12 years ago weren’t even part of my SOR) even planned on being considered - I went bankrupt in my business/personal in 2008. Why would the judge even entertain newly presented information. It wasn’t even asked in my ESI.

D) I have no clue what the expect now because the package showed up 3 months later and other than my complete investigation package and my response I really don’t have anything new to add.

E) What does the attorney for the DoD do and do they work with you? What does the Adjudication Judge (another attorney from what I read) do?

Get a Private attorney, DOD lawyers are not there to “help” you.

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