SOR for deployed contractor

My deployment date has come and it’s next month while I wait for my clearance which is a good news for me. I am hoping that I would not get an SOR because of my foreign friends or my siblings but who knows? So I am getting myself ready for everything before I stress myself to death so my question is that If I get SOR while I am outside of the U.S. for work as a contractor how would I respond to the SOR? Do I have to go back to United States and present myself to AJ for a hearing cause I do not think written respond would be a good idea. Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated.

Are you going to be deployed without your clearance? If you are overseas, I suspect that there would be a number of options. A hearing via Skype would be one but, depending a hearing on the written record is not a bad thing. The government submits their brief and then you get to respond. You know exactly what they have a laid out and can respond statement by statement. There is no cross-examination so they don’t get to attack your defense.

Thanks for the reply. I dont need to have a clearance to deploy cause they have unclassified work until I get my clearance. How would I get an SOR if I am outside of the U.S.? Can I do all these process through email or something like that? Would I be able to hire a lawyer to write a professional draft so it can be mitigate properly? Need your advice badly. Thanks in advance.

It’s 2018 . . . Most things can be done via email, Skype and other media. Your FSO would be more helpful than me. Yes, you can hire a lawyer remotely.

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