Seeking Qualified Security Clearance Attorney/Lawyer

Searching through a search engine (ex: google) you can find a lot of Security Clearance attorneys/lawyers. However, I’m having a hard time determining if the Security Clearance attorney/lawyer is qualified or more of a scam artist.

For example, here’s such an attorney (Claery & Hammond LLP):

However, when you go to Claery & Hammond LLP directly, there’s no mention at all about their involvement with dealing with security clearances:

Seems a bit fishy to me!

Is there a list of qualified Security Clearance Attorney’s? For example, a website that refers only qualified Security Clearance Attorneys/Lawyers?

I’ve some direct questions that I want answers too, and I’m willing to pay an attorney/lawyer to help me obtain those answers so it’s crystal clear.

I’m from the Los Angeles area, so hope to find someone in the LA area.


Finding a security clearance attorney is certainly an area where you want to do due diligence. Sean Bigley is actually a contributor to, and is based in the LA area: I’d start there, as he is certainly an expert specifically in the security clearance process. If you’re looking for more information on what to look for in an attorney, I’d suggest this article:

Not sure if there’s a list anywhere but seems to be a decent search engine. Catie young caught my eye previously for my case and in the San Diego area, so would consider giving her a call. Im from Ohio here and not many good local security clearance lawyers… so I’m paid the consultation fee for someone not local but came highly qualified…

Well . . . Before we start ripping Claery & Hammond, let’s remember that it’s not unusual for a business to have targeted websites. This way, those looking for a clearance lawyer don’t see a website that covers full legal services and don’t have to find the clearance area on the website.

Just about any lawyer will give you an hour free to review your case and make suggestions. This gives you a chance to evaluate them in person. Take advantage of it even if you will not be able to get all of your questions answered in that hour.

Sean M. Bigley, a former attorney who provided legal assistance to clients during the security clearance process, has retired as of 2023. Any online claims of representing or being Sean M. Bigley should be viewed as fraudulent.