Security clearance question

I have a firm job offer and a start date, does that mean Secret security clearance was fully approved?

No it does not mean your security clearance was approved. Speak with human resources or FSO.

Darn, that’s put me in a bad spot. I am quitting a decent job and if this does not get approved then I will be completely out of a job.

Not to mention the embarrassment it will be to myself and my family who all believe I have a great job and nothing else to worry about. Now, I am sitting on egg shells wondering what will I do if the clearance doesn’t get approved.

Stay at your current job.

So, is there a compelling reason for you to be nervous about the clearance getting approved? @dave019, I know what you’re saying, but I can’t see with that sentiment unless we know details. I absolutely love my job and her nervous as hell everytime I have to do the PRs. Just did one where the investigator thought they had me caught in a lie, but it turned out I was able to explain it. Where the issue lies it that I still haven’t heard anything, stop massive I wasn’t successful so showing him.

You need to do some soul searching to determine if there is any elevated risk of denial. If you’ve determined that there is in fact continuing in your past that concerns you, you need to better quantify the risk by determining the ease in which you could mitigate it’s, if at all, . If there is no obvious risk of denial, you’ll probably be ok. Again I wouldn’t just say "typing quit , turn it down basted on nerves.

You get an offer and then soon after you will receive instructions to fill out a Security Clearance questionnaire (SF-85/86). Then you start the clearance process, which we are all waiting on. Takes anywhere from 2 months to 3 years. You shouldn’t quit your job until you clearance is granted. Your FSO should have told you that.

@lmikelowrey - A lot of times individuals will start work before their clearance is fully adjudicated.

Just an educated guess . . . Only your FSO can really answer your question, but if you have a job offer and start date, they are planning to bring you on board while your clearance is in process. They will likely have you work on projects that do not require a clearance until yours is received.

If you do not get your clearance (Is there any reason to think that you will not) the company MAY keep you on for non-cleared work.

This all used to be more common back before there was a huge backlog of applications.

That’s true that people can start working if they are granted an “interim clearance.” I believe it is pretty rare to start working without an “interim” clearance and without being fully adjudicated. At least that’s been my experience with the numerous companies I’ve been in talks with.

I personally am working two jobs. I have a few family members and friends working for federal government either directly or through contracting companies.

I’m working uncleared at a contracting company and work my second job at the same time.

Unless you have a squeaky clean history, I wouldn’t quit. I have a felony with a charge date from a decade ago. I’m applying for my secret clearance (I passed the selective background for the company itself, which is why they brought me on and are sponsoring me), but obtaining the final secret is a condition of my employment.

Just my two cents. I started working even before I submitted by SF-86.

Your the wire fraud guy. How did the last attempt at a clearance go a few years back?

I just applied for the first time a few days ago.

Good luck! So the other posts regarding your situation, I guess you decided to wait? I thought you were already on board with another company. Did they let you go after discovery of the felony and your 18 months in Federal pen?

Interesting read.


I’m lost man? It’s the same situation. I filled out sf86 after they onboarded me… they suspended me for review. Brought me back on this week and submitted my sf86.

They said it was a discrepancy but most likely due to violating privacy act when they missed my felony/prison time upon hire.

It’s all one thing.

I actually reached out to prosecutor earlier in week, he’s in private practice. He wished me well and hopes things get better for me. I didn’t want to just jump out and ask for an endorsement, but he remembered my situation.