Security clearance status after leaving active duty

Hello everyone,

I separated from active duty in August of 2022. Before I left I asked my unit Security Manager what is going to happen to my secret clearance afterwards. I was told that it would become inactive and if I find a job that requires it within 2 years after separation then it could easily reinstated. My 10 years due date for reinvestigation is this month.(My last SF-86 was done in December of 2013). The security Manager said I still should be fine because of Continuous Evaluation Program(CEP). He didn’t sound confident. I did some research online and from my understanding I should have been automatically enrolled in this CEP program since my last investigation(SF-86) was done after 2010. Can anybody please clarify this for me?

Thank you in advance.

Hard to “clarify” things but what the security manager told you is technically correct. The trick is finding an employer who will be willing to work with you. Some won’t want to bother. All you can do is apply and see if you get any responses.

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