How can I find out if my clearance is current or inactive?

I have been unemployed for 2 years and 4 months. However I was bid on three proposals, by three different companies; one in 2012 and two in 2013. My clearance was activated for the proposals ( I did three SF-86’s) and remained active in scattered castles even after I was informed of the 3rd proposal loss’s/cancellation. The third company kept my clearance in an (active) status until last month(July 2014) when they sent in the paperwork to turn off the active status. Is my clearance now at the “current” status or is it considered “inactive?”


thank you

Your scenario sounds a bit odd and I think your may have been fed information just to keep you interested in the employment while the bid process played out, which is common. Once you separate from an agency or company where you had a clearance it cannot be “reactivated” unless your are employed in a position that requires it. After 24 months from separation a new investigation must be done in order to be granted a security clearance. Based on what you depicted, your status has expired.

Hi Marko,


It is odd and disappointing at the same time. Not only did I fill out an SF-86 for all three positions, I also filled out an application for each position and took 3 drug tests…by the time I applied for the third job I was starting to suspect I was being used for proposal purposes only and the companies never intended to hire me. None of the companies had actually turned in the termination paperwork once it was determined they didn’t win the contract. I actually requested the third company that had my clearance still active to send in the paperwork to terminate the active status because they didn’t seem interested in placing me in a position…well, at least I know, and I can apply for positions with other agencies who may want to sponsor me.

Thanks for the clarification.