I've had security clearance for 10 months now

Would appreciate a comment.

I’ve had security clearance, for 10 months now. My association with the clearance sponsoring company is on a freelance basis, no assignments guaranteed.
So far I have not had any assignments.

– Is my security clearance still considered to be active, what is the status by definition?

– Can I apply to another company requiring security clearance, aside from the sponsoring company?

Thank you.

Thank you.

It depends on what you say is “active”. Many times individuals undergo investigations to determine of they are eligible for access or placement into sensitive positions, but don’t actually hold a clearance. Were you briefed in and signed a SF-312 nondisclosure agreement? Contact you FSO to find out the status. Nothing should prevent you form applying for other cleared jobs.


Thank you for taking time to respond.
In re SF-312, I realize that it is signed before the start of an actual assignment. Being a freelancer, I have not had even the first assignment.

I was officially notified that the security clearance was granted, and I am periodically contacted to confirm my interest. I am interested.

Is there any material you could refer me to, that explains applying for cleared jobs with the companies that are not the sponsors of the clearance. Would appreciate that.

Thank you again.