Security Clearance

It’s possible could get hired in the PACE Program as a General Specialist. I currently work for the Veterans Administration this position is with DLA. and you must be able to obtain a security clearance. I had a felony back in 2005 for possesion only no jail time just probation which was completed with honors. Would this keep me from getting a clearance?

If that is the only issue then it can be mitigated, as long as you have no recent use of illegal drugs. However, as a caveat, some agencies will still view it as a disqualifier, e.g., DEA, CIA, FBI, etc…

Thanks for your response, If selected I would be going through a NCS Security check do you know any disqualifing factors with that check based on my past felony in 2005, Plus I have been with the federal governement since 2007 exceptional service record. I did have a top secret clearance when I was with the 11th special forces group back in 90-92.

I cannot advise any further, it is up to the granting agency on how they view it.