Section 23 SF-86

I used steroids very briefly for one “cycle” when I was in the National Guard. I am now trying get into Federal Law Enforcement. On the SF-86 I am outside of the 7 year window on drug use but the one issue I am going to have on my SF-86 is my drug use while holding a clearance.

Does anyone have any insight on how detrimental this will be when it comes getting a job with a Federal LE agency? To be clear, I AM 100% reporting this I do not want advice on lying, I WILL NOT be lying. Just curious how bad this impact me.


Just to clarify… using steroids without a prescription, I assume.

I would say that this would not be a big problem… except for federal law enforcement, especially “sworn” positions.

Competition for those positions is intense. But dont let that stop you from applying, the worst they can do is turn you down. Well, I guess they could make you twist in the wind for two years before turning you down.

Thanks for your input, you are correct, use was without a prescription. Like I said, I’m clear of the 7 year question but the security clearance one I have to check yes because I’m 99% sure I had a secret when I enlisted.

I certainly realize it could make me less competitive. It is a choice that I regret immensely. I really hope that it doesn’t squash my chances at being a Federal LEO.

Do you say “except law enforcement” because of agency disqualifiers our because of trouble when adjudication for a TS takes place?

I only say that based on second hand reports from folks who got turned down for Fed LE (FBI, DEA, ATF, etc) but other people with similar backgrounds got cleared for non-LE IC and DoD work.

So it is purely hearsay but I suspect others can confirm this. But don’t let that stop you, just be aware that it may be a problem.

Anyone else care to jump in here?