Security plus Exam Pass/Fail

Hello everyone/anyone,

I have to pass the security plus exam in order to get a cleared job (I already have my clearance).

Soooo… Out of curiosity — What happens if I fail this exam? Not saying it is particularly hard/easy but just a what if scenario.

Will I lose the contingent offer if I fail or would I be given a second chance to “redeem” myself?


It depends on the employer, ask them. Some make you take or retake training for a week.

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What if this is before you start the job and it is your first cleared job?

If the offer is contingent on passing the exam and you don’t pass, you could very well lose the offer and the job - but that should have no bearing on your clearance. Pass the exam and you presumably keep the offer and the job. Fail the exam and who knows? That’s up to the employer. A few months ago when employers were falling all over themselves to get any warm hamburger to work IT I’d say don’t worry about failing, they’ll give you a second, and probably a third and maybe even a fourth, chance. Now I’d say it’s definitely in your best interests to pass.

Check your job offer and the contingencies stated on it. For the DoD agency I work for, employees are given 6 moths from the entrance date to pass their Information Assurance (IA) certification such as Security + . The first year the new hires are in probation.

I have met Interns not passing their IA certs exam the first time, but the org gave them a second chance to take the exam again. At the same time, I have seen interns let go due to their inability to adapt to the workplace and for questionable ethics. If they don’t pass the IA exam that’s another compounding excuse to let them go.

I will recommend you take Security + courses and take their practice tests. There are online inexpensive courses like UDEMY that cost less than $20, that can train you in Security +, Network +, CASP, CISSP and others.

I barely passed with a 760. You sound like a very capable candidate. Keep studying regularly You will get it soon. I used to use the readAloud function in Microsoft Edge to read a pdf e-book on Security+ to me to sleep. I think that me helped a lot.

Government employees are given six months to pass, but not necessarily contractors. When I was a contractor, many on the team I was on didn’t pass or even attempt to take the exam in six months. A new 06 came on board and made it a. Issue because the contract required the Sec+. This out the contract company in a bind. From that point forward, new hires for them we’re required to pass the exam before starting.