SF-85P - question about section 20

2 years ago someone who was close to me committed suicide, and over the next several days I started drinking heavily. One morning I woke up in a hospital, and was told that the police had taken me there from my house because apparently I had gone off the deep end. Later I was told that I was there on a TDO (temporary detention order) and basically had to stay for 72 hours. I could have left after that, but the medical officer thought that I needed to stay for an extra 2 days and continue a phenobaribtal taper to reduce the risk of seizures, which I complied with.

Later on a judge showed up and said that I had not committed any offenses or crimes, but could not own a firearm unless I appealed the right to own a firearm sometime down the road (I guess they thought I might commit suicide as well).

My question is, on the SF-85P, in section 20 what should I put under “offense”? I’m assuming I was arrested but I was told that they basically just picked me up and took me to the hospital and then left.

First off, you should know if you were arrested or not. That’s easy enough to check. Normally, an escorted trip to a psych ward or similar is not considered an arrest in most states. Do some research on your own, it’s your life and your story.

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Thanks for the advice