SF-86 Periodic Reinvestigation Question

Since my last investigation for my Secret clearance back in 2008, I’ve had a child by my ex-girlfriend. We were going to get married, but obviously that didn’t happen. I’m filling out the SF-86 and here is my issue:

Under relatives, there is option for child, which I filled out, but since we were never married (and never lived together), what do I put down for marital status?

Note - this is common knowledge and there is nothing that can be blackmailed. My son is actually with my mom (his grandmother) as I type this post.

Dude, “never married” if that’s the case.

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Are you married Were you married? It’s not a trick question . . .

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They do not care if you have a child out of wedlock. Very common. Now, if you previously put down married as you felt you were in a common law marriage…or you were so in love you might well be considered married…you might have an issue. But one easy enough to explain "young, madly in love…the future looked bright…