Investigation Question

Hi All,

Quick question for investigators. I’m currently married but my family doesn’t know. Will they ask my family about my wife? I’m curious on what questions they will ask. Any information is helpful. Thank you!

We ask people what your marital status is. If you tell us married and other people tell us single, that creates a discrepancy. It’s also frowned upon to keep secrets that could be used against you for blackmail or coercion.

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Do you think it would disqualify me? Should I at-least say that on the additional notes for the SF-85/86?

So now I am curious… why does your family not know you are married.

It was start the process for my wifes green card. They just dont know that we went to the court house.

If all of your friends and family are interviewed and say you are engaged and think you are getting married and also have knowledge of your spouse/potential spouse is a foreign national it really shouldn’t make much difference. Romantic cohabitants and spouses are both treated pretty much the same during the investigation process.