Marriage and SSBI

My wife has to go through an SSBI for her job. The thing is, neither her parents or my parents know that we got married. We’re not trying to hide it from them, we just wanted to keep up appearances since we had a court house wedding, planning on having a ceremony at a later date for our family.

My question is: are background investigators allowed reveal to our family member that we are married? If so, we’ve both decided to just come clean so they find out from us instead of through the investigators, but if not, we would just like to keep up appearances. Thank you in advance.

No, Investigators are not supposed to reveal your information to anyone.

However it does happen and I could easily see something like your marriage being divulged to one of your parents by accident.

It seems really, really odd you haven’t told your parents, to me at least.

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We’re not trying to hide it from anyone, but absolutely no one can know. Red flag 101.


I never said no one could know. There are extenuating circumstances as to why we havent told our parents, this is just to guage whether or not we should just tell them before they might accidentally hear it from an investigator.

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Your parents probably won’t hear about your marriage from an Investigator. However when sources are asked if you’re married or single they’ll probably say they don’t know or they’ll say you’re not married. If sources say you’re not married then that information won’t match the security questionnaire and somebody might want to know why.

My wife did put in the notes of her e-QIP that our friends and family don’t know of our marital status, just hoping that that information get carried forward throughout the whole investigation

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If your friends and family are interviewed and all have conflicting information about whether or not you are married, it could cause delays in your investigation and adjudication. If you don’t care about the length of your investigation don’t worry about it. If you do…come clean to all and make things easier for the adjudicator and the investigator.

Your defense doesn’t exist. You are obviously stressed because you are hiding your marriage, no matter how you twist your reasoning, from family (and now friends). By itself, that is not an issue. It does appear to be a possible pressure point on you because of the “extenuating circumstances”.

No, i don’t believe you would give up national secrets to hide your marriage. I do wonder what else you could be hiding.