SF-86. Section 18 - Relatives - FORMER IN-LAWS

Does former mother-in-law count as relative? What about my former spouse’s father? He passed away before we got married, does he count as former father-in-law? I am having difficulty understanding why “former” counts as relative, the way the form is, it appears to be active/current. Please help. Thanks.

Are you separated? List in-laws.
Divorced? Obviously you don’t have in-laws.


You list your current spouse’s parents. If you don’t have a current spouse, you don’t list anyone.


Great! Thank you, Harpoon. Much appreciated.

Thank you @investigator721. I thought so too being divorced myself. First time ever filling up this application. So, when I asked the FSO the same question, I was told yes, former in-law are relative. Well, yes may be in the context of life if still on good terms or children etc are in the picture. I guess, I should ask and rephrase the question to the FSO that when divorced, are in-laws still considered relatives for the purpose of this form. Or just not ask again and go ahead fill the form already “with the correct understanding” that former in-laws when I am divorced don’t count as relatives for this form and deal with it later during investigation if comes up.

It is not a trick question or test, not married, no in-laws, divorced, no in-laws, if you are married, you have in-laws. Fill out the form, answering the questions asked, you are overthinking it.


Haha! Correct. Thanks. :+1:

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