Are domestic partner's parents considered in-laws?

I can’t find an answer anywhere. I’m not married but have a domestic partnership in the state of CA. The SF-86 does state to list relationship status in regards to marriage OR legally recognized domestic partnership, but I am unclear if a domestic partner’s parents would be considered “in-laws”? Should I list them under relatives?

Not generally. However, some security officers will push the issue/intrepretation. Same thing with step-mother/father-in laws.

So you think it would be better to list them then? Or only if it gets kicked back? I want to try and avoid any delays.

I personally would not. If you aren’t committed enough to legally marry then it doesn’t seem like these people are indeed legal relation in laws.

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No they are not in laws and don’t have to be listed in the relative section.

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Not required to be listed… yet.


Ok, that’s what I figured. Thanks everyone!

Yeah a person can play that both ways…" this is my girlfriend/boyfriend" why would I list them? Or this is my committed life partner…don’t need a piece of paper to prove that!"

Honestly surprised they have not picked a random number of years and say “report as inlaws if sharing an abode with their offspring and relationship exceeds 5 years”

I agree. Why have a set number of years? Cohabitation-report the cohab parents. The belief that they would appear under another section (i.e. foreign associations) if their status applied is false. Again, so many Subjects get testy when their spouse/cohab is foreign born and they try to claim their is no close and/or continuing relationship with the foreign parents/sibling, etc.