Sf85 time line with prior criminal conviction

How long does it take to get an sf85 clearance done with a past criminal conviction 10 yeas ago for unrelated crime? Currently Doctor in Education and have contract ready with USDOT.

What is an unrelated crime? It is either a criminal offense or it is not. All arrest, are relevant to an investigation for Public Trust SF85

Servers 48 months in federal prison for false application on a credit card in 2006

Don’t take this the wrong way . . . 48 months indicates that you did more than overstate your income . . . There may be issues here serious enough to derail your plans. Certainly, there is enough to seriously delay the process.

The crime was unrelated to the job I have been hired for is what I meant. It is a Felony. Served 48 months for lieing on a credit card application. Received a lot of money and repaid it. However it was wrong and I confessed to the crime.

I completed my incarnation in 2010. I have not been in trouble since and returned to college and earned a bachelors, MBA, and I will have a PhD in September. I have beef open and honest about my criminal history with all my colleges and Antoine who asks.

Obviously there is a lot more to the story than has been brought up here!
I’ve never heard of anyone going to federal prison for exaggerating information on a credit card application.

Once again, I remain totally baffled as to how someone who has served 4 years in federal prison can seriously contemplate being granted any type of security clearance.

The crime was not related to the duties of the position being applied for? That’s about the most bizarre rationalization I can think of!

it depends… if you read around, you can see that suitability determination for public trust positions can take a few weeks to six months or even more. However, suitability determination is pretty tricky and I dont think there is an opportunity to appeal in event if the agency finds you unsuitable for federal employment.

As for your particular case, your conviction and imprisonment are outside the scope of the SF85 and OF-306. If you did not disclose, then I think you should be fine based on the questions asked on these forms.

Had you filled out a SF86, it will probably take some time (depending on the clearance)… minimally a year or so even if the crime is unrelated to the job.

Not necessarily. He probably had some supervised release(probation) that would push him to disclose.

Guys just being honest. Fed time is egregious. The sentencing guidelines based on culpability, hidden bias, loss amount (intended/actual) can put some serious time over your head.

I worked in inmate advocacy. Rule of thumb in the feds is, if you got less than 5 years you either snitched or had a less than major part to play. 24 months or less they just wanted and could get a conviction.

Most fraud guys had 5 - 10 years I saw. Drug guys were getting serious time.

Thank you to all who responded. I appreciate your insight.