SF86 questions advice

the job is secret my fico is 608 -624 i have never been granted a clearance

For 26c do i have to answer yes or not taxes question
1: If i was late filiing this year even though I didnt owe anything
2:I have 2 sp2000’s . I have paid both.
If the answer YES to number 2 then I have a issue my creidt report has high balances since i have paid the minimums for a few years but i have nothing in collections. One of the SP2000s is for a 1099-c that is for a Credit card debt of $4k that was sent in 2016. I never paid the debt is over 10 years old. The debt is not on my credit report and i would hate to disclose it if its not on my credit report. the debt was technically resolved just not the way it should have been. By the time I had the means to pay it the debt was canceled and has been off my report for years. I have always regretted that debt but i have no way to make that right now. Will this be brought up if i don’t mention the sp2000’s?

If you do not speak to it…you are concealing it. They will see it and then you have a candor issue. Claim it, and state it isn’t on the credit report, it was charged off(that question is specifically asked). They may or may not want you to address that debt. But never conceal it. They get a deeper view than the three credit bureaus.

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