Should I not expect TS from LSD use on secret clearence?

Hey yall, im extremely nervous right now. I just submitted my SF86 and was honest about drug use. I currently have secret in the military and am going for TS for another job in the military. I told them I did LSD twice back in 2019 and stoped use after the second time after I found out some horrible things it could do to you. I feel like im going to get removed from the military now that I admitted to this but more so afraid of getting into legal trouble for admitting to it too. Will admitting to doing LSD be an immediate denial? Will I be dishonorably discharged for doing that with a secret clearence? Sorry if it seems like im rambling, just scared atm…

I doubt you will face legal trouble but removal from the military is a distinct possibility; almost certainly a reclass to some MOS/rating/AFSC/? not requiring a clearance. Maybe not a dishonorable but perhaps an other-than-honorable. Probably some kind of bar to reenlistment code as well. Although policies relating to the use of marijuana are changing, use while you have a clearance is still a serious matter and I don’t think attitudes about LSD use have changed.

Probably loss of the current clearance as well, though you may be able to get a clearance again some time in the future after some time (two years?) has passed.

Sorry to paint such a dark picture but that’s how I see it. Maybe you can consult with a lawyer.