Side job with immigrant clients


I am thinking of pursuing a side business of my own where I would perform IT services for small businesses and startups.

My first two clients already have been immigrants, mostly because I speak Spanish. I suspect that this would become my niche if I continue to pursue this.

Could this business association with non-citizens become an issue for me? I am awaiting my TS/SCI with an IC agency.


If it’s strictly a business relationship and they are legal, I don’t see a problem. I had a position for several years, in IT, working with many foreign nationals on H1B visas. I didn’t even think about when filling my SF-86 because I didn’t have close ties to anyone and I didn’t socialize. It came up in my interview, I explained the situation and never heard another word about it.

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In normal circumstance, I would agree with @EdFarmerIII. However, I don’t think anyone can answer that question for you because SCI access and you did not specify the IC agency (don’t). When it comes to SCI access, each agency makes its own determination to grant you access or not. You can be granted access by one agency but not granted access by another. So, the best person to ask would be your security manager and make sure that you have it in writing.

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I have foreign connections since 1986, all reported. And I’ve maintained my TS, gained an SCI, had multiple Polys at recurring intervals. If it is on the up and up, no issues.


@BlackEyedSusan… thought you would be interested in reading this:

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Good to know! Great article.

Thanks guys. I’ll proceed with caution