Foreign National contact for SCI clearance

We currently have an incumbent contractor joining our company on a contract we were just awarded. While filling out her SCI nomination package she stated that she has had contact with a foreign national since last under going an investigation - their children are friends and they occasionally get together for play dates.

In your professional opinions would this stop her from being granted SCI access to our contract?


Not one bit. Full disclosure required but it is a global economy and almost impossible to live and work in metropolitan areas without interacting with foreign nationals as neighbors, friends co workers etc. If it is nothing more than neighbor gatherings, BBQ’s, school events…not an issue. Once bound by affection…marriage, sex, traveling together, vacationing…the relationship takes on a different flavor. As long as they are truthful and report it all without hiding any aspect of it…no worries. I have been SCi cleared since 2000 TS since 95, full scope poly positions since 2010. I have foreign connections dating back to Air Force time in Japan 86 to 92 and the Philippines in 82.

AB’s advice is totally correct and in line with adjudicative criteria. As long as there is no attempt to hide information it is not an issue,