Signed a Detention bond under my name


Hi, I have a Secret clearance. Last week I helped out a friend who needed a US citizen to sign for him to get him released. His bond was $5k (I didn’t put in any money), and I got a cashiers check under my name and signed for him to get out. He wasn’t in detention for anything drug, alcohol, or weapon related. Now he’s just waiting for his appointment with his parole officer sometime this week.

Can I get my clearance taken away? Should I report it to my employer? Can I get in trouble he lands back in Detention for not following the directions he was given?



Report it ASAP. You were bound by obligation or friendship to help a foreign national out of jail, which falls under Foreign Influence in the adjudicative guidelines. It should not affect your clearance, but may have repercussions of you don’t voluntarily report it.