So exactly how screwed am I

thanks for the help guys.

I think the question says misuse of information technology.

I think it’s pretty cut and dry. If your company has policies in place that state you can’t do what you were doing, you misused IT.

If there are no policies, then you didn’t.

However, going forward it might be best to not mix work and play, especially on computers.


Sounds like good advice to me, especially when guidance/policy could change at any moment.

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yes there are policies that are not enforced, but I never thought twice about the question. i am going to make sure i indicate on the sf86 just in case.

the fact that security and my supervisor didnt say ■■■■ to me is weird. like if it was a major no-no, why was i not punished or otherwise given a security violation, etc? see what i mean.

i just dont want to lose my clearance and i do everything i can to keep above board/self report as indicated above. i think that goes in my favor i hope

The rule is this: It’s up to you to figure out how to answer any security questions. Anyone who tells you how to answer is not a pro.


You’re at work to work. You’re not there to look at Facebook or read the news. Do that on your break on your personal device.