SOR due to Continious vetting.

So I finally received the SOR although i had to attain a lawyer to get it for whatever reason and the reason i was suspended and then denied clearance was due to continuous vetting. It took all this time to find out something so simple.

Here is the kicker. Just when you think Incompetence can get no worse in the IC, someone goes ahead with a “hold my beer” moment.

The reasons i was denied were issues that were already adjudicated by the same organization. They were minor issues that were discussed in my most recent PR in 2019 and for minor things like write ups at previous jobs all the way back to 2016. The category was “Personal Conduct”.

Not only was the SOR clear that the issues were discussed, but the SOR didn’t even bother to ask me anything nor accuse me of anything; Not sure what they would be accusing me of other than being honest on my SF86 for these issues.

One of the issues in the SOR was “You Acknowledged during your security processing that you had personality conflicts with a previous employer in 2018 and were written up”. I was like “Yeah, and, Is there a question here?”

It is just crazy that now they are going back to things that were already adjudicated by them and are obviously mitigated because i no longer work with that person in that specific comment.

Anyways, i just thought i’d give you guys a crazy update. Seems to me like someone is trying to justify their job somewhere.