Sor has me really confused

I Received a SOR today and I find it strange that I already replied to all these issues 2 months ago when I received an interrogatory from the DOHA. the SOR is from DODCAF and all the student loan accounts on there say delinquent as of dec 28 but they have been since dec 15 removed from delinquency and are active and current(. as well as other accounts paid off and I told them that would be the plan when I replied to the interrogatory with documentation.

Wouldnt be the first time that information was not updated in a timely manner.

However, if you replied to these issue two months ago but the accounts were only cleared as of a few weeks ago (Dec 15), their argument may be that you only cleared up these debts when you found out you would not get a clearance.

Anyway, at least now you have the SOR and you can reply. Some people linger in some kind of “Loss of Jurisdiction” limbo waiting to get to that point.

I see , well the 2 accounts at hand aren’t the only ones but student loans is a big one. Government counsel stated that for the accounts at hand no documentation was provide only intent to pay. And they all have been taken care of ! Should I just reply for a paper hearing and send in what I have along with excerpts from past cases


Did you already have a hearing? If so you may be able to appeal. Your initial post confused me a little because you indicated you received a communication from DOHA before you received the SOR. Usually it is the other way around, the adjudicator sends an SOR with the reasons for denial, then your case goes to DOHA.

Anyway if there are factual errors in the SOR that should be something you can document but I’m still not quite clear where you are in the process.

Basically received a letter of interrogatories 2 months ago from DOHA with 20 days to reply. I did not only reply to questions but sent documents I felt would mitigate the issues. Now I received a SOR stating they could not make a decision, therefore a judge will. I have 20 days to reply to the SOR with admit or deny each item as well as any mitigating documents. All the financial accounts are default student loans that have been removed from default and currently in a payment plan, everything withheld from SF86 was my recruiter who told me it wasn’t a big deal and not to put it if i was never convicted. and omitted 2 occasions of drug use that i genuinely did not remember as one of them i blacked out and the other was during a fast paced restaurant shift offered by a co-worker who insisted it wasn’t any drug ( i was on probation at the time for the black out related arrest) arrest and case not withheld at all.

I think i have a strong case just have to review more precedents and find ways to mitigate the info i left out of SF86 and interviews.(all the above to include debt)

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Thanks for clarifying, it has been a long time since I dealt with these issues. But you have provided yet another interesting wrinkle:

The best mitigation will be proof of payment! In my Saturday morning opinion, that is :no_mouth:

For sure but what about for not including in my SF 86 cuz my recruiter told me not to