SOR responses and determine of clearance

I have an SOR has been out since 10/2017 and I got another response for that followed up on the first one in December of 2017. Still waiting on a response.

Will they:
Grant me 6 month interm clearance?
Grant me full 10 year clearance?
Or ask me more info.

This all stems on finance of delinquent debt

Did you have a hearing? In person or on the written record?

There is no need to go into details but are you working on the financial issues in the SOR? Did you provide detailed information on what caused the problem, what you have done about them in the past and what you are doing now? What else have you done to mitigate the issues presented and how well have you documented those mitigating factors?

I am working on the Debt. And it all has been written down with my signature and it was scanned in and sent in individually with the rest of the 10 delequent accts. No representation on this and it’s been since October and not a