OPM Financial Letter?

Can anyone help explain the process of making a good faith effort to clean up delinquent debt. I get that I need to make arrangements and show documentation. But how much of the debt needs to be taken care of? How does OPM view what constitutes a “good faith effort?” Any advice or words of wisdom are appreciated. Thanks!

As you had indicated in your previous post, a good faith effort means that you have taken proactive steps in addressing your delinquent debts, It does not mean you have to pay them off, rather just show that you are being responsible and have taken actions towards resolution. If you haven’t done this prior to getting the SOR then it will be very hard to mitigate because it shows you did nothing until compelled to by facing a clearance denial.

Thanks Marko,

Does an email constitute an SOR? An SOR is more official, correct? Also,
these are just a few debts left I had paid of the previous months and
closed out other accounts, however, by the time OPM ran the credit check
those were removed. Would it be worth mentioning this to help mitigate if
need be?


An email is not an SOR. It is an inquiry to see if you can mitigate without the issuance of an SOR, If you are required to disclose then yes. Focus on showing the issues are under control.