Financial Letter (0006)..From OPM

OPM has sent me a few debts that they want to see "a good faith effort " made to repay. have several questions regarding this. First off, they gave me 45 days to provide documentation proving I’ve made said effort. But they want three months of payments? how does that work…??? I cant show three months worth in 45 days. My flux capacitor is broken…

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They want to see proof of payment for June, July and August or for July, August and September or if you wait until mid-October to answer them you could send proof of payment for August, September, and October. If you didn’t make any payments prior to September then you can’t show three month’s of good faith efforts to repay your debts.

Mr. Henderson,

Thanks for responding. Do you have experience with OPM regarding finacial
issues? Know how they will view my disputing a debt?

Nevermind, I see you have much experience. Forgive me. Any advice would be
appreciated. Thanks again.

Are you sure it’s OPM that wants the info. Although OPM does over 90% of all federal background investigations; they probably only adjudicate 1% or less (OPM employees and OPM contractors). All other investigations are sent to the requesting agency for adjudication.

If you’re applying for a Public Trust position, review the eligibility criteria at Title 5 Code of Federal Regulations 731.202. If you’re apply for a security clearance or sensitive national security position, review SEAD 4 – the June 2017 Adjudicative Guidelines. You can also read my articles posted at ClearanceJobs regarding financial matters.

I can’t give specific advice without knowing when and how the debt arose and some of the circumstances surrounding your failure to pay the debts, which would require a $150 consultation.

Mr. Henderson,

Thank you, sir.

Not sure of how many debts or total amount in question. But here is food for thought. Contact each claimed debtor. Establish you want to get into an active repayment plan with each. Negotiate to the best of ability to have very affordable minimum payments on all requested debts. Ensure that sending more money when it is available, will not cause the required minimum to go up. Send the required minimum payment to each. Wait 10 days, send another payment of the minimum or what you can afford. Wait ten days. Send a third…ten days later make a payment. Give each payment a chance to get into the system. One payment is happenstance. Two is coincidence…but three is a definite positive trend in your favor. Make sure you reply to the note in the required time but giving enough to show a couple good faith efforts. From there, making one payment a month to each at the minimum just may establish you as making regular payments.

Ms. Bunny,

Thank you.

What happens if you paid all that off in October the whole debt(s) and missed payment inbetween? And have proof after the fact?

If you owed 10K and payed all by 1K, and now are current on all of it…I would say “it happens.” You are now good. Has your credit score recovered? They usually do within 8 weeks of moving debt from unaddressed to addressed. The bottom line is are you making a reasonable effort to get right with your creditors?

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Actually, you’re lucky that you’re being given the chance to explain the matter, at all!

Little late there buddy.

I don’t always catch the date of origin on some of these longer threads

so what was the outcome? Did you get cleared? How did you mitigate the financials?